Homebirth: What's It All About

picture of wide eyed girl expecting a sibling

It's About Your Baby

When babies are born, they are able to see, hear, taste,and smell. They are ready to be loved and nurtured. In your own home, your baby will be in your arms from the moment of birth. Surrounded by the family that love and care for him/her. Your baby will be handled with love and respect by your midwives.

It's About Love

Birth is about love. A woman who is supported by midwives in the privacy of her own home is able to form a deep bond with her baby, birth partner, and other family members. These bonds will last a lifetime.

It's About Home

When you are at home, you are in the comfort of familiar surroundings , allowing the privacy necessary to to experience your own birth process. At home, you are the center of gentle nuturing care. Your midwives come to you. You do not have to travel anywhere when you are in labor.

It's About Value

Value yourself and baby enough to find out if homebirth is right for you. Most insurance companies cover certified or licensed midwives . Midwifery fees are typically 1/3 to 1/5 less than the fees for services provided by physicians and the hospital, without sacrificing quality or safety.

It's About Safety

A study published in the British Medical Journal (July 2005) of the outcomes of 5,418 planned home births concluded that homebirth is a reasonable and safe choice for healthy women. Decades of research in the US and abroad document that planned homebirth with a skilled attendant is as safe or safer than a planned hospital birth for low risk women.
--Birth 24:3/1997
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