What To Expect From a Midwife

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Respectful Treatment

  • Gentle, nurturing care that respects you, your family and your beliefs.
  • Respect for your informed decisions about medical test,recommendations and interventions
  • Willingness to support your birth plan,including any family members and friends you may want present at the birth
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Homebirth: What's It All About

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It's About Your Baby

When babies are born, they are able to see, hear, taste,and smell. They are ready to be loved and nurtured. In your own home, your baby will be in your arms from the moment of birth. Surrounded by the family that love and care for him/her. Your baby will be handled with love and respect by your midwives.

It's About Love

Birth is about love. A woman who is supported by midwives in the privacy of her own home is able to form a deep bond with her baby, birth partner, and other family members. These bonds will last a lifetime. Read more -->


Midwife Model of Care

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Women in the United States are learning that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, healthy processes, not diseases. They are finding out that they and their families can benefit from the care of a midwife. Read more -->


Did You Know?

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Here are some surprising facts about midwifery you might not know. Read more -->


My homebirth philosophy

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I truly trust the birth process and hope to affirm each woman's ability to birth in her own way. Women labor best in a place they feel safe, comfortable, free, and private, with attendants they know and trust. For many women, this is at home with a midwife. Read more -->