Calm, kind, and unruffled

My third child, Daria Margaret, was born June 1st, with June attending. What a marvelous experience!! My first baby was born in the hospital with an epidural, my second baby at the local birth center and my third baby, and best birth, was in my home with June.

Having had a varied birth career so to speak I can say with confidence that the homebirth was by far the best, and June was a large part of that. I trusted June with my baby’s birth because of her experience, her medical background and her calm, kind, and unruffled manner.

My husband and I had planned to interview three midwives, however after interviewing June we both felt we had no need to interview anyone else.
Also very important to me was how welcoming she was to my two boys 5 and 2 during appointments. They have to come with me, getting a babysitter for every check-up (as DRs prefer) would have been both difficult and expensive, but there was no need as June genuinely welcomed them to each appointment.

June encourage me to eat well, asking me about my diet, encouraging a little more of this and less of that, but she was not the health food nazi–-a perfect balance.

The birth went smoothly and was peaceful in the midst of the chaos of normal birth. June was a wonderful caregiver and was so helpful and gentle after the birth, helping me to shower and get back in my comfy (and re-made) bed with my new little sweatpea.

Thank you June for a wonderful birth experience!!

Rebecca S