The Phillips

We have 7 children and of those the last two were born at home. Our experience of a home birth has been amazing! There are so many things that are a plus, one of those is the laid back atmosphere of being at home and being with our family. We don't have to be "released from the hospital" and our children can come and see the baby as soon as it is born.

June is so confident but humble and she loves the whole family. During the pregnancy she never rushes you in and out of her office and she listens to our concerns and our life. Seeing her for all the appointments and not worrying about who will be on call during the delivery is such a bonding time. Her presence during the birth is so noninvasive and she lets us set the pace during the labor. The love that she has for being a mid-wife comes through to our whole family. June was always accessible personally during the pregnancy and after the delivery.

Her duties go way beyond just delivering the baby but include changing sheets, brewing herbs for healing, laundry, washing the baby, helping clean the mom =), making a meal for mom and dad, talking with the other children making them a part of the miracle, weighing the baby and advising with breastfeeding. Working with June these last two births has been so much more personal than the 5 births in the hospital.

Craig and Kimberly Phillips - San Marcos, TX