The Segar Family

After talking with three midwives, my family and I decided on June. We immediately knew she was the one for us. On our first visit we felt so comfortable and secure with her. She put us at ease right away.

We were blessed to have June as our midwife though a home birth, a miscarriage and an attempted home birth that ended up in the hospital with a c-section. So we saw all sides of her amazing skills! I can't say enough about how wonderful she is! She made us feel like family and truly cared for all of us through each experience.

June's skilled guidance, education and demeanor were right on target. She made us feel comfortable every step of the way, even when things got tough. We always felt like she listened to our needs and kept us all safe. Having her through the miscarriage and c-section were exceptionally helpful. I don't know what we would have done without her. She was always available and she made sure our needs were known in the hospital. She was our advocate 110% of the time.

Visits with June were great. We had all the time we needed to make sure all our questions and concerns were addressed. She made visits to my house, I went to her house, and we met in her office. She included our entire family in the visits, showing the girls pictures and posters, letting them help with measurements, etc. It was like visiting a friend.

Any family would be lucky to have such a wonderful midwife. She is truly a gift!

Jodie Segar