The Stanfield Family

June encouraged my husband by gently showing him how he could best help me during labor. She showed him how to put pressure on my back by pushing with his hands and also words of encouragement to say, such as visualizing my cervix opening up like a flower. June praised my husband all throughout as she witnessed what a help he was to me. This built confidence in my husband in helping me labor and deliver our children for all our other children. June assisted in the birth of my first two children, Stephen and Hannah. We moved to Ohio and then had two more homebirths in which we only had one midwife present which made my husband's wisdom and expertise that he learned from June invaluable! I think what is quite amazing about June is that she understands how the laboring woman feels and what she is experiencing and knows how to comfort and encourage the laboring woman. Not only this, she can communicate to the husband how to comfort and encourage his wife. She was very respectful to my husband and was always sure to include him in everything she did. From explaining the birthing process to encouraging me in eating nutritious foods and exercising, she talked with both of us and counseled us with sound wisdom about how we could both make my pregnancies healthy and safe.

My husband and I talked to a few other midwives before hiring June. It was clear to us in the way June answered our questions that she was very knowledgeable on the subject of midwifery and that she had the attitude of a servant.

One of the most comforting things about having June help us with the birth of our firstborn was that we could trust her to take me to the hospital if it was necessary. She is very watchful and cautious and will never take chances if the mother or baby is in danger. We had to transport to the hospital after laboring almost 24 hrs. with a ruptured bag of waters. My cervix was not dilating. June had me take Vitamin C to prevent infection, and we tried a host of things to get my cervix to dilate. I was getting tired and June counseled us that it would be best to go to the hospital. When we got to the hospital June stayed right with Chris(my husband)and me. She encouraged us all the way through labor and birth and helped me to get Stephen(my firstborn) suckling happily at my breast. It was such a blessing the way she showed so much joy at the birth of our son. You would have thought it was her grandchild or something! She is too young to be a grandma though! Her goal was the same as ours- a safe birth, and she patiently cared for and supported us through a very long labor. Thanks to June, we did have a safe vaginal birth. One other thing about the birth of our firstborn: we requested that our parents not participate due to my inability to relax completely when they are present. June faithfully carried out our request. She answered the phone and talked with both of our parents and informed them of how I was doing throughout labor and even met Chris' dad (who is quite a large, intimidating man) at the door and kindly refused to let him in per our request. That took some bravery on June's part and we were very thankful for it!

My husband and I have known June for 8 years and we have been very blessed by her vast knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and remedies for minor complications. She has helped my husband and me through mastitis, thrush, and our firstborn's first cold as a baby. June always seems to have a plethora of remedies to choose from. She is knowledgeable in homeopathy, herbs, and other natural remedies as well as discerning when it is necessary to turn to conventional medicine.

Chris & Audrey Stanfield