How to stay cool and hydrated during pregnancy in the Central Texas Heat


Hi Everyone!
Just a quick little blog entry on tips and sneaky ways to stay hydrated and cool in this never ending heat in Central Texas and the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
Of course, on top of the list is WATER! And lots of it! If you aren't sure how much you are consuming, try putting the water in a 32 oz cup or some sort of glass container or better yet stainless steel. You should consume at least 60 oz a day but even better 120! Basically, about 3-4 quarts a day (or 3 liters).
I highly suggest to drink filtered water and avoid tap water. I am often surprised that there are still many who drink tap water, so I do not make assumptions. Most well water is okay but in Central Texas , most well water is high in calcium carbonate and our bodies just don't assimilate this form of calcium very well.
Drinking cucumber infused water is very refreshing and will also help with benign swelling. The increase consumption of water always helps with swelling at the end of pregnancy. If you are having benign swelling (no blood pressure issues severe headaches with visual disturbances, etc) then laying on your left side once in the morning and once in the evening helps tremendously.
Watermelon juice infused with lemon or lime juice is super hydrating and helps with benign swelling.
Coconut water is amazing if you like the taste. It is full of electrolytes and seems to go straight to the cells with wonderful hydrating results.
Make a lavender (or whatever your favorite smelling EO is) spritzer. You can keep one in your purse and mist yourself throughout the day! I have left one in my car in the past in this intense heat and I was amazed the water wasn't boiling. I believe the EO keeps it at a maintained temp. Even better, place in fridge for a super cooling and refreshing mist!!
Swimming or making a makeshift pool at your home is wonderful in pregnancy. The buoyancy of our bodies in the water helps with all the gravity issues we experience in pregnancy and makes you feel light and pain free. If you have access to a pool or water source so you can swim, it is a great way to get that much needed and important exercise!
I had two babies in August and one in October. There were times I just couldn't cool off and the a/c wasn't powerful enough. I would sleep in a wet T-shirt and have a box fan blowing right on me!
Another trick is taking cool showers throughout the day if you have that luxury or a cool bath if you prefer.
I hope this helps and stay cool! Keep praying for that much needed rain!
Happy Birthing!!