Montrice/Doula Services Now Offered!


Family-Centered Midwifery is excited to announce that we are adding Montrice/Doula services! The areas serviced is the same as the homebirth practice: Austin, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, New Braunsfels, Blanco, Canyon Lake, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg (counties Travis, Hays, Blanco, Gillespie, Comal, Burnet)
What is a Montrice?
A montrice is a midwife that offers doula services but with added clinical services. As your montrice, I will come to your home when in labor and monitor you and the baby until it is time to go to the hospital to deliver. For the laboring mother, I will do an initial assessment which will include vital signs, vaginal dilation, and monitor fetal heart tones. As a midwife, I am able to assess the baby’s position with my hands by palpating where the back is and position of the head. Optimal positioning of the fetus plays a major role in a successful vaginal birth. I will make sure you are resting and staying hydrated in early labor and when active labor begins, that you are up and moving around as your labor becomes more active. I will assist you and your partner with relaxation techniques, position changes, and natural/holistic techniques for easing the discomforts of labor. I also have labor pools that can be used at home upon request.
It is important to stay rested, hydrated, fed, and relaxed while at home, and I will work with you and your partner to reach these goals. As a Montrice, I will be able to offer clinical judgement which has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits, is avoiding arriving at the hospital too soon or in rare instances, too late!!
Once we arrive at the hospital, I become the role of a doula.
This is a wonderful option for women that would like to be monitored and labor at home, but deliver in the hospital setting.

What My Montrice Care Includes

I will do 2-3 Prenatal visits in your home. At these visits we will discuss your goals and wishes for labor and birth. We will create a birth plan that you will discuss with your OB and the staff at the hospital. We will work on relaxation techniques, comfort, positions, and holistic remedies for comfort. We will discuss the role you and your partner would like me to play during the delivery.
We will discuss the nuts and bolts of late pregnancy discomforts, early labor, active labor, pushing, and the immediate post partum as well as breast feeding. It is also in my scope of practice to do your vital signs at the prenatal visits as well as palpate baby’s position and listen to heart tones. This is a fun time to include other family members such as siblings and potential new grandparents.
We will also discuss exercises to help with optimal fetal positioning, building strength and stamina for labor, easing discomforts of pregnancy, and positions to avoid after 37 weeks gestation.

Labor and Delivery
During labor, I will be taking your vital signs, palpating baby’s position, cervical checks for dilation, making sure you are rested and hydrated, helping with relaxation techniques, and then going to the hospital once you are well into active labor.
I will be on call 24/7 beginning at 36 weeks gestation and 4 weeks after your delivery.

I will also do 2 postpartum visits in your home. At these visits I will assess mothers well being and the new baby. I am also qualified to help with most breastfeeding issues such as poor baby weight gain, poor latch, sore nipples, low milk supply to name a few.
Before I became a midwife, I worked as a Family practice and Pediatric nurse for 13 years.

Cost is $1800 (I offer payment plans and discounts in certain instances)

If you would like a free consultation, please give me a call at 512-924-8265