What is Included in your Pregnancy Care?

Once you have made your decision to seek pregnancy care with me, I will make an appointment for an initial exam around 12 weeks pregnancy, which includes medical, obstetric and family history, a physical exam, screening lab work and listening to the fetal heart tones. Then the schedule of visits is once monthly until the seventh month (28 weeks) which it will be every two weeks, and then weekly during the ninth month.Between 24-28 weeks, I suggest a screening for gestational diabetes and another test to test for anemia.
Around 36-37 weeks, I make a home visit and the assisting midwife will make a home visit the next week. The primary purpose in doing this is to be able to find the house without problems once you are in labor. I also talk with you and your support team to discuss and consolidate plans for the birth and talk about the "nuts and bolts" of labor and delivery. This visit also serves as one of the prenatal visits.
One of the big differences in deciding to have a homebirth and hiring a midwife, is informed choice. You will learn not only about your body but what lab tests are available, what the results mean, and make informed decisions. These visits last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.