Labor and Delivery

When you are in labor, you notify me as soon as you notice anything different. We will discuss late in the pregnancy when to call the midwife. I will come and serve as support to you and your chosen birth team, monitor the progress of labor, catch the baby (you deliver the baby) and stay with you till you and the baby are doing well. Catching the baby is the easy part and my main job is to monitor the safety of you and your baby. Is it safe to be at home or is it not safe. Since 1997, I've only had to perform one episiotomy but capable of doing this if necessary. I will repair any tears in the immediate post partum period if needed but my main focus is helping you to ease your baby out without any tearing.

During the first hour after the birth, I monitor the baby's adaptation to extrauterine life and observe the mother for any excess bleeding. When the baby is done nursing, you've had something to eat and showered or taken a bath with the baby, I will then do a newborn exam and complete head to toe assessment on the the baby.
Once you and the baby are doing well and both have eaten and ready to rest, laundry done, paperwork complete, the midwives will leave. This is usually about 2-4 hours immediate postpartum. I am on call for the client 24 hours a day and available by telephone.