Post Partum Care

I will return on the third day post partum (2 days if you are Rh negative and the baby Rh positive to give the Rhogam Injection). At this visit, we will discuss any questions or concerns, fill out the birth certificate, weigh the baby again (they can loose 10-15% of their birth weight by the 3rd day), remove the cord clamp, assess jaundice, take your vital signs, assess your bleeding and your well being.

At 10-14 days postpartum , you and the baby will return to the office for a visit. At this visit, I will weigh the baby and do another newborn exam as well as a newborn screening. This is also known as the PKU though there are other metabolic problems that will be tested. I will also assess the mother and answer any questions or concerns at this time. It is up to the client whether or not she wants her baby to see a pediatrician. If you are planning on circumcising your boy baby, there are a few pediatricians and family practice doctors I can refer you too. I will also discuss any family planning you and your partner may want to use.

At 8 weeks, you and the baby again return to the office for a visit. I will do another newborn exam on the baby (including weight, length, head measurement and growth chart). The mother will receive a complete physical exam and pap smear if she is due.

If at any time you or your baby develop complications, I will refer you to the appropriate health provider.

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