What if the Woman Needs to be Transferred to the Hospital During Labor?


My transfer rate is around 7% and C-Section rate around 5%. The most common reason for transport during labor is if the woman is not making any progress due to exhaustion. The hospital is notified and then we go by private car. The goal is healthy mom and baby and want to have the woman at the hospital before the baby is comprimised by the mother's exhaustion. Other reasons to transfer to the hospital during labor : non-reassuring fetal heart tones, thick meconium and the birth not imminent, malpresentation of the fetus (e.g. footling breech), maternal fever, broken bag of waters and no labor for an extended amount of time.

I will accompany the mother and her support team to the hospital and in most cases will be there until the baby is born. I provide hospital personnel with a copy of the woman's prenatal records. The choice of hospital would depend on where the woman lives and the circumstance of the transfer. If I am transferring because of a problem with the baby, we would go to a hospital with neonatal specialist facilities. In the Hill Country this would mean Austin or San Antonio.